7 Rental Advertising Tips: Make Your Properties Desirable for Tenants

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If you are interested in real estate, you probably heard the phrase,

“Location, location, location!”

It is one key factor that will effect a potential renter’s decision to rent your property because they want to live close to work or school, or just like living in a certain neighborhood.  Therefore, the keywords renter’s search for is the location.  So when advertising your property for rent, it is vital that you try to describe the property’s location and list surrounding places which will attract more tenants to want to view and rent your property.  Besides placing the address of your property, there are a few important descriptions you can state in your rental ads.  I’m sure the potential renter can view it on a map but it will save them from having to analyze the location like how far is it from the subway or where is the closest grocery store, etc.  The point of doing the extra description is to lure more tenants to want to live in your investment property.

These are 4 tips to advertising your rental property by emphasizing the location:

  1. Neighbourhood – Renters search for distinctive areas to live, for example, ‘Little Italy’, ‘Yorkville’, ‘The Danforth’, etc.  In Toronto I found the Toronto Star’s Neighbourhood Map very useful for it shows neighborhood names when you search for an address.  If you don’t know what neighbourhood your property is in, you can always go on Google Maps and try to decipher the name of your neighborhood.
  2. Main Intersection – Try to determine the closest main intersection of your property which more renters can associate with.  This will give them an idea of where it is located and will save them from searching on a map.
  3. Closest Subway Station – If your property is close to a subway station, this will attract more renters.  So describe the closest subway station and the time it will take to get to the station.  For example, ‘5 minute bus ride to Finch Station’, ’10 minute walk to Broadview Station’, etc.
  4. Colleges or Universities – Students can find your property easily because a key search term they look for is the school they are attending.

Additional advertising advice:

  1. Major Highways – Accessibility for commuters is always a plus
  2. Amenities Close By – Shopping, groceries, restaurants, parks, laundry mat, gyms, land marks, etc.
  3. Elementary/High Schools – Renter’s with families look for schools nearby and to make it more marketable, find out your local schools rating by visiting Fraser Institute.  If the school(s) nearby have a high rating, state it in your ad.

When creating your ad and wondering if you should include it in your description, ask yourself if it will make your property more appealing to the kind of tenant that you want to lease your place.

Post your ad today!!

– Liza Mae V.

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