“Hire a Virtual Agent to help you find a place to call home!”

Searching for the perfect home to rent takes a lot of time and patience. Our Rent-A-Home services are designed with the busy renter in mind.  All you have to do is send your renter’s wish list to your Home Investars Virtual Agent (VA).  They will search for the perfect match of your ideal home from various websites.  This service includes:

  • Receive daily detailed listings of properties
  • VA will contact landlords to get more information
  • VA will schedule viewings of properties

Fill out the Renter's Wish List to Subscribe to Rent-A-Home Service

Why Hire a Virtual Agent to Rent-A-Home?

  • Saves you time from e-mailing or phoning landlords to get more information about properties
  • VA’s are experienced in locating ideal properties for you to live
  • View properties based on your schedule
  • Get all information before viewing a property, so there are no surprises when viewing property

If you are interested in Home Investars’ Rent-A-Home service, please fill out and send the Renter’s Wish List.

Additional Rent-A-Home Service:

If you are too busy, live abroad, or aren’t familiar with the area, our property managers can visit, photograph, and write-up details of the property.  Home Investars’ property managers can view properties with you if you need assistance in choosing the perfect home in an ideal location.

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